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In day 12, John talks about the importance of finding your niche. According to, a niche is a specialized segment of the market for a particular kind of product or service. One of the most important questions that is asked from business owners is how do you find your niche? In my opinion, I believe it’s important because when you’re building a business, when you can focus on a very specific group of people, you’ll have an easier time becoming an industry leader and an authority in your field. Do you need to have a niche? No, but will a niche help you quicker because you’ll be able to build a specific business for specific needs? Yes. For instance, let’s say you are a photographer, and your niche as a photographer is targeted to taking photographs of brides. Instead of saying you are a photographer who shot anything and everything, you focused only on brides.

If you are looking to define your niche, we could spend an hour together talking about the specifics. I would like to share with you three powerful tips to help define your niche. Number one, who do you specifically serve? It’s not enough to say you serve women, that’s half of the human population. You need to clearly identify what type of women. Athletes? Entrepreneurs? Stay at home moms? The more specific you get, the better off you’ll be when you first start. And this leads us into tip number two. What problem do you solve? The best businesses take time to understand what problem they are solving, and then they offer the easiest and most effective solutions. If I serve male athletes, I could solve their muscular impediments with my physical therapy advice.

If I serve female entrepreneurs, I could solve some of their time management difficulties with my time saving productivity tips. If I serve stay at home moms, I could solve their cooking difficulties with my recipes and meal planning tips. Okay so do you see the patterns here? I get a niche and I build in content that speaks specifically to them. So, do you see how we’re honing in our marketing and our messaging by simply answering those two questions? Which leads us to the last and final tip, that’s tip number three. What makes you different? Why specifically you? This is your chance to stick out from the competition. Now we all have unique insights and experiences that we can use to differentiate our businesses. And they could be big things like degrees and diplomas and certifications and awards. And this could be unconventional big things like life experiences, being self-taught, having a great personality, or making things easy to understand. Make a list of what makes you specifically qualified to serve a niche. For example, what are you good at? What are things others say you are good at? What do you enjoy doing? What are topics (example, 10 core and 10 subtopics) you are interested in?


By creating these lists, it can help you hone and narrow down the perfect niche that is perfect for you. A lot of entrepreneurs don’t narrow down their niche for two main reasons, especially when they’re starting out. Number one is it does not feel right for them because they’re convinced that they’re better off helping as many people as possible. But the thing is they end up helping no one, because they’re missing out on two really important things to get their potential customers to consider doing business with them. Number one is attention… You are more likely to get the attention of your potential customers when they feel you are speaking directly to them. I mean think of back in your school days, what was the likelihood of your teacher getting your attention – by saying “Listen up everyone!” or by saying “Listen up, boys sitting in the back”? Assuming you are a boy sitting in the back…

Again, without a niche you are much less likely to get the attention of the customers that would buy from you, and without that attention you’re much less likely to make sales! Number two is framing the problem. Only by narrowing down your niche are you able to speak the language of that potential audience, and this is really important because you are trying to tell or remind the person that they have a problem to begin with, before going on to offer your solution to it. So, let me give you an example. Say you are a photographer again, and I’m a new dad who barely has time for anything. What is going to get me to hire you? If you go “Hey do you need your photos taken? I can do it”? Or if you go “Hey you, I know you are overwhelmed with all this new dad stuff that you are trying to enjoy, because you can already see your baby growing up so fast. How about you let me help you capture this special time and these precious moments with a family photo shoot in the comforts of your home?” Same thing here. Without a niche, you are not going to be able to frame your customer’s problem in the way that they can relate to – and that means you are much less likely to make sales! So only by narrowing down your niche and knowing who you are speaking to are you going to be able to get the attention and frame the problem for your potential customer. And by the way, you are actually doing them a disservice by not doing those things because they’re likely not going to solve their problem without you! Now for reason number two why entrepreneurs do not narrow down their niche is that they have no idea who serve! So, they try to aim for a general audience hoping to get it right – and that’s usually accompanied by a fear of not having enough value to give to anyone. The solution to that, is test everything! Test all your assumptions. Test if the problem you’re trying to solve actually exists. And then who has that problem. And then test if your solution actually solves the problem, for those people. So, to get started what you can do is list all the benefits of your solution for different types of people. So, for the new moms or dads, it would be to capture those fleeting moments! And for maybe a business, it would be to market their products with your photography.

You basically want to have something to work off, because what you need to do is go out and talk to those people. And you can do that by thinking of where these people hang out. So, reach out in Facebook groups, forums, in person, and Meetup groups. Just basically get talking to anyone that fits that profile! You might find out that those that actually find it super easy to take photos with their iPhones, and that they actually have too many photos of their babies! The only way to find out which it is, is to actually go and speak to them. Remember though, when you’re talking to them, to come from a place of genuinely wanting to help them solve their problems – and not selling them and shoving your solution down their throats! To sum up, both you and your customer are better off by you narrowing down your niche because that will allow you to get the attention of your potential customer and frame the problem to get them to consider helping themselves using your solution. And B to go out and test all your assumptions because you need to verify all your assumptions in order to know exactly who to serve and how. So now you know why it’s important for you to have, and narrow down your niche, GO AND TAKE ACTION!

I hope this will help you or provided a steppingstone information to find your niche. If you feel I provided a bit of good content, kindly please like, or share my post. To your success! I appreciate you!



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