In this post, I’m going to tell you a little bit about the secret email system from Matt Bacak. Now, if you don’t know Matt Bacak, he has been in the online marketing world since the mid-1990s, about the time that I started doing marketing in the offline world. And, you know, Matt has been around for quite a while, really understands a bunch of different marketing approaches, including the Internet marketing space, which is really the, you know, how to make money online kind of stuff. But he in his life is actually a major marketing consultant in big business enterprise corporations. His wife is in the financial planning space, a financial advisor.

And so he consults in that space as well. He really understands business in a much broader sense than simply Internet marketing. And it’s with that that I think he brings a great deal of authority to the idea or to the subject matter of email marketing, something he has become an expert in. And he he really takes a different approach to email marketing than most folks teach. In part, a huge part of what he does is testing and tracking the numbers, tracking the results. You know, a a pretty standard approach for him is to you know, he has a lot of lists, pretty big lists. Actually. What he’ll do is he’ll tweak the subject line, for example, in his email, and maybe he’ll come up with five different subject lines and he’ll then send those five different subject lines out to a few hundred people to test the effectiveness of those different subject lines.

After he’s done that split test and he finds a winner, then he will take that winner and he will mail a larger or the entirety of his list with that winning subject line. Right. That is an approach that most email marketers don’t take the time to think about and invest in. And that’s exactly the type of stuff that you’re going to learn when you pick up Matt’s book, which is all about how he has been able to build a seven-figure online business. Now, he’s not just built one seven-figure online business. So he’s actually hit seven figures multiple times. And he’s going to be sharing in the secret email system exactly how that works. Now, in addition to the standard book that you get, which is for five dollars and sixty cents, you’ll see there’s a whole bunch of bonuses here.

And what you’ll learn once you get inside of his program, you get the book, you get all these are extra, you know, things like the split test outcomes, very Swype files how he calculates the success of different email campaigns, et cetera. There’s a ton of I think it’s like ten, nine or ten bonuses in here. And then, of course, as you might expect, you’re going to be offered more. There are actually several different up cells in here. And really, depending on how much you really want to absorb in the email marketing space, you may want to invest in some of it. You may want to invest in all of it.

I think, all told, the entire funnel is probably going to be an investment for you of somewhere around, give or take. Two hundred dollars or so. Now, you don’t need at all if you really want to just sort of getting a taste of what Matt is capable of, of sharing what he does and his philosophy, get the front end offer and there are one or two up cells where he really goes into more depth in some of these areas. There’s some video training as well. But really, if you just want to kind of understand the principles behind what he does, absolutely get this front and offer, it’s priced at a no brainer, five dollars, and 60 cents intentionally because he wants to add you to his list and give you the opportunity to see what else he can share with you. And that’s what a good email marketer does.

Now, what he’s done in this little launch for this, by the way, is ingenious. He has basically recruited hundreds of us to tell you about this. And, you know, I am an enthusiastic client and student of Matt’s. And I will say that he knows his stuff. Now, if you’re not in the Internet marketing space if you are not in the business of teaching people how to make money if you’re not in the business of driving lots of traffic to a blog post to get people onto an email list specifically to sell stuff, but you have a more traditional business. There’s a lot that you can take away from that. There’s a ton of gold in what Matt has to offer. So if you’ve never heard of Matt Bacak, if you have never invested in any of his training, this is the ideal training for you to invest in. It’s called The Secret Email System. I highly recommend you grab it.



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