Affiliates are an important part of the
Internet marketing world. As you’ll learn,
they not only help drive traffic but
becoming an affiliate can be one of the
easiest ways to get started making money.

What is it?

An affiliate is an individual who sends
traffic to a product creator’s website.
They are given a special website URL,
called an affiliate link, which tracks how
much traffic they send to the product
website. They receive a commission for
each sale that is made for their affiliate

There are many types of affiliate programs
available. As an affiliate you can find
programs for physical products, digital
information products and even for services
and membership sites. Affiliate programs
are listed in affiliate networks like
Clickbank, JVZoo, and Warrior+.

What are three keys to doing being a
successful affiliate?

Affiliate marketing is one of the most
profitable ways to make money online. You
don’t have to worry about creating a
product, paying for graphics, developing a
sales letter or following up with buyers.
You’re only in charge of driving traffic.
Here are three keys to being a successful

1.Choosing the right product

You have a wide range of products to
choose from as an affiliate, but that
doesn’t mean that all of them will make
you money. Before you put your time and
energy into creating a marketing campaign
for affiliate program, you should do some
niche research. Is the niche popular? Is
there a lot of competition in the niche or
will you be able to establish yourself
pretty quickly? How does the sales page
for the product look? Would you buy from
the site? Carefully evaluating the niche
and the product will help you find a
product that will actually sell.

2.Build your own list.

Product creators will build lists from the
people who buy from their sales letter. As
an affiliate, you should be building a
list as well. Before you direct your
visitor to the sales page for the product,
you should offer them something free in
exchange for opting into your list. You
can create a short report on the niche and
give it away on a squeeze page before
forwarding the visitor on to the sales
page. By building a list, you can create a
long term relationship with the visitor
and offer them additional value and
product offers.

3.Start an affiliate blog

Smart affiliates know that their long term
income comes from sales of multiple
products in the same niche. One of the
best ways to sell multiple products is to
start a niche blog. Your blog can link to
several different affiliate products so
you have many opportunities to make money.

Can you give me an example?

After doing some research, you discover
that health & fitness is a hot (pardon the
pun) topic. You start a blog on “Stay Healthy & Fit”.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    On the blog, you can write articles related to solar energy
and link to the several solar energy
products available on Clickbank. You can
also give away a “5 Tips to Staying Healthy”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            report on your blog to build your list.



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